Once in a great many years something strange happens. The world of the living and the world of ghosts join with each other for one night and they meet for a dance. Dance with Death. Danse Macabre.

This night is coming. When the bells start ringing at midnight, they will meet and dance. They will be dancing for an eternity while the bells are ringing. Because when you dance with the dead, there is no time.
Once in a great many years the living ones and the the dead ones meet. Once in a great many years those who were parted by Death can meet again. Through dance, they can say their farewells, they can find peace and pay their debts. They can find their ending.

The living ones are looking forward to their town festival tonight. It is an old tradition to have it on this night, however no-one remembers the last one. Most of the citizens have lived in this city for their whole life, but they have never even heard of this festival. Still, they are coming, dressed in the joyful colours of summer and even with small flower pinned to their clothes. It is supposed to be part of the tradition. They are waiting in the town square full of anticipation; what will the night bring?

The dead ones remember. Ghosts know that once in a great many years they can meet the living. The night full of dance is waiting for them. Once in an eternity, they can finish what they have started. They can meet those who were left behind. The dead ones know that this might be their only chance to see those they loved. Death will lead them back to the world of the living for one last time. The black and white crowd is coming, headed by The Lady in Grey.

The living ones and the dead ones are coming. All of them full of their sorrows. All of them will try to find their way to happiness and peace. The dance is the way. Those who cannot have a future will part. New doors will be opened. And new people will come. Everyone is looking for something. Now, here is the moment to face your fears and your sins and make your dreams come true. The way is in the dance. Dance with Death, Danse Macabre!

The story takes place here and now.

The story of the game is strongly inspired by a chapter called Danse Macabre in Neil Gaiman`s Grave­yard Book.