There will be a special UK run taking place near Cambridge on March 15 – 17. The logistics and bookings are being handled by a UK-based team. For more information and to book, please go to their facebook group or email dancemacabre.en­ directly.

General information

Players do not have to know how to dance tango or play larp, we will teach you all you need to know for playing the game.

We reserve the rigth not to accept a registration of a player.

The Event:
The game usually takes place in some holiday resort out of the city. The players are provided by accomodation and food at the facility and spend there whole weekend.
The game is played on Sunday afternoon, but it is absolutely necessary to attend all the workshops before the game. The workshops start at 20:00 on Friday and go through the whole of Saturday and Sunday morning. The workshops consists of the creation of your character, and dance lessons.

You need a costume for the game: The Living are in casual colourful clothes (summer festival). The Dead wear formal black and white clothes. The setting of the game is pretty much here and now.

Gender roles & preferences, lead & follow roles:
If you register in couple you should be a leader and a follower, who do not have to be (but could be) in a romantic, or dance partner relationship with each other.

The couple is not expected to play and dance together for the whole game or workshops but we want to give you a chance to register together with someone you are really comfortable with and we need the same amount of leaders and followers attending the game. But dance partners will be switched often during the game and workshops.
Please be prepared to dance with any other partner regardless of their gender.

The roles for the game are not prewritten, and you will be creating yours in the workshops, so you do not have to feel limited by any typical gender roles or other social norms and preferences.

We do not want to stick to traditional lead & follow roles being related with a gender, but for the game and workshops we need you to prefer one of those roles. You will get chance to try out the other one, but you should decide which one is you primary and stick with it during the workshops and the game.