Dance Macabre

And then the music stopped and there was silence in the square, a muffled silence, like the silence of falling snow, all noise swallowed by the night and the bodies in the square, no one stamping or shuffling, scarcely even breathing.

A clock began to strike somewhere close at hand: the chimes of midnight, and they came. They walked down the hill in a slow procession, all stepping gravely, all in time, filling the road, five abreast. Bod knew them or knew most of them. In the first row, he recognized Mother Slaughter and Josiah Worthington, and the old earl who had been wounded in the Crusades and came home to die, and Doctor Trefusis, all of them looking solemn and important.

There were gasps from the people in the square. Someone began to cry, saying, “Lord have mercy, it’s a judgment on us, that’s what it is!” Most of the people simply stared, as unsurprised as they would have been if this had happened in a dream.
The dead walked on, row on row, until they reached the square.
Josiah Worthington walked up the steps until he reached Mrs. Caraway, the Lady Mayoress. He extended his arm and said, loud enough that the whole square could hear him, “Gracious lady, this I pray: Join me in the Macabray.”

Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book, published by HarperCollins Childrehs Book, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, New York 2008, ISBN ISBN 978–0–06–170939–5.

Welcome to the website of the larp & dance project Dance Macabre

There will be a special UK run taking place near Cambridge on March 15 – 17. The logistics and bookings are being handled by a UK-based team. For more information and to book, please go to their facebook group or email dancemacabre.en­ directly.

Dance Macabre is a dance larp, which was run in the Czech Republic 4 times during the years 2012 and 2013 and once again in 2016 and in 2017. First English run of the game was run in January 2018.

If you are interested in running this game in your country, contact us.

It is the first project of this kind in the Czech Republic and it is strongly inspired by the Danish game In Fair Verona and Neil Gaiman`s Grave­yard Book.

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